Retail Management System

Product Overview

Sixun Retail Management System fits best for small / mid-sized companies. It provides retail management and point-of-sale (POS) applications to help the customers control their inventory and track their customer information.The system integrates the whole sales and comprehensive reporting tools.It helps our clients manage their operations more efficiently, so they can save more time and money.

Sixun Retail Management System provides users with the most comprehensive point of sale system, allowing the processing of transactions for both charge account and cash customers. The POS screen has been specifically designed to be as intuitive as possible. E.g.: it minimizes the staff training requirements, and maximizes the operator throughput.

Who Use It?

Sixun Retail Management System has been adopted by a wide variety of retailers, from small owner-operated businesses and specialty boutiques to mid-sized retailers with large chains. The categories of the retailers who use the system include: Department store, Shopping mall, Supermarket, Apparel, Drugstore Etc.

Key Functions and Features

Front-office Managment

Point of Sale

-- Accepting item entry by barcode (multiple barcodes for single item allowed)

--Item search, price and inventory inquiry

-- Accepting multiple payment types, e.g. cash, credit card, coupon etc.

-- VIP look-up, auto discount for VIP of different grades

-- shift close and day end

Back-office Management

Product Management

-- Products group in hierarchy tree structure, Up to 6 grade.

-- Products information Maintenance

-- Price adjustment at designated or all stores.


-- Suppliers Maintenance

-- goods receiving

-- goods Returns to Supplier

-- Auto purchase request for low-stock items


-- Large customers Maintenance

-- goods receiving

-- goods Returns to Supplier

-- Auto purchase request for low-stock item

Inventory Management

-- Stock Level

-- Stock Transfer in / out

-- Stock Take

-- Inventory transfer in/out

-- Stock & Cost Adjustment, Sales Adjustment

VIP Managent

-- VIP customer by grade

-- Flexibly setting different discount rates, ‘purchase amount to bonus point’ ratio and bonus point to money’ conversion rate for different VIP groups on different products.


-- Sales reports like daily, monthly sales by date, promotion item sales report etc.

-- Inventory Report, e.g. daily goods receiving, stock level report, stock taking report etc.

-- Files can be saved in formats like text, excel, etc. for export or further analysis.

Central office Management

-- Up-load sales data to back-end system by MODEM/lease line in DBF/text/binary file format.

-- down-load basic data from back end system.

System architecture


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