Sixun Retail Shop System

 Product Overview

Sixun Retail Shop System fits best for for small retail shops. It provides comprehensive retail system functionalities including products management, multiple payment methods, discount handling, VIP management, Inventory management and Reporting Analysis. It helps the shops with large chains to manage purchase, sales and inventory effectively.

Who Use It?

Retail Shop System has been adopted by a wide variety of small retail shops, including :

--Clothing, apparel, accessories

--Gift, novelty, souvenir

--Sporting goods

--Radio, TV, electronics, appliances

--Hobby, toys, games

Key Functions and Features

Front-office Managment

-- Accepting item entry by barcode (multiple barcodes for single item allowed)

--Item search, price and inventory inquiry

-- Accepting multiple payment types, cash, coupon, credit card, Octopus, multiple currencies

-- Percentage or fixed amount discount for single item or entire invoices

-- Supporting peripherals like barcode reader, printer Back-office Management

-- user-friendly interface, Easy to operation

-- Product categorization to facilitate management and analysis by brand, category

-- Price adjustment at designated or all stores.

-- Staff management, access authority

-- Auto purchase request for low-stock item

-- Flexibly set different discount rates, conversion rate for different VIP groups on different products.

-- Powerful reporting and enquiring capabilities Central office Management

-- Up-load sales data to back-end system by MODEM/lease line in DBF/text/binary file format.

-- down-load basic data from back end system.


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