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Chain Food & Beverage Management System, a system solution designed for group type chain food and beverage service industry, applies to group chain management mode. The Head Office shall formulate uniform raw material code for raw material purchase and storage in raw material distribution center. Each Branch Office shall submit raw material requisition, so that the Head Office can uniformly distribute raw material to each Branch Office according to the raw material requisition.

 Who Use It?

MSJ Food & Beverage Management System has been adopted by a wide variety of food Service industry, include: Eatery, restaurant, Noshery, Coffee house, bar, Group chain dining-room, hotel, franchise store, Etc.

 System architecture

System architecture

Branch Office Management System

1) Frontline management

Ordering table, opening table, adding table, merging table and canceling table. PDA opening table, ordering, chef description, menu return, current price change, etc. Ordering input function by sorts (supporting ordering by menu code or phonetic alphabet or icon), single menu cancellation, member discount, scheme discount, single menu discount and whole menu discount functions, and the functions such as menu kitchen printing, menu hastening, processing, transferring table, transferring menu, changing quantity, changing current price, taste, delivering dish, picking, merging, etc.;

Supporting the functions such as check-out, reordering, etc. by utilizing the methods of member consumption, account tracking consumption, IC card consumption and score discount card consumption; Supporting the functions such as daily settlement for trans-night business, handover and check-out, sale menu statistics, etc.

2) Backstage management

Menu management: Supporting the consumption of set menu and wine & tobacco commodities; KTV room/table collocation: Collocating dining-room as well as KTV room/table collocation for each dining-room;

Menu raw material collocation: Collocating the corresponding relationship between frontline sale menu and backstage inventory;

Note: In case of being set, each big menu class must correspond to one sales department (for costing); In case of being printed to kitchen, each big menu class also needs corresponding printer.

3) Member management

Setting various discount schemes, including member discount, fixed discount, single-article discount, etc.

Supporting various member card types, such as preferential card, stored value card, credit card, etc. Stored value card, credit card are rechargeable.

Supporting various member score management, including consumption degree limitation, either by consumption amount or by consumption times, as well as flexible score points for different commodities; Supporting various favored member score and encouragement plans, including score encouragement, gift exchange, score discount, as well as automatic discounts for different score grades.

Settlement management: automatically generating settlement statement according to frontline member account tracking, for the purpose of member’s payment and settlement according to the settlement statement.

4) Inventory management

Providing the basic functions of warehouse management: purchase and in-warehouse, sale and out-warehouse, goods getting, goods return, goods loss, inventory check, department check, supplier settlement, goods inventory management, etc.; Setting goods and defining supplier;

5) Menu sale costing

According to menu raw material handling form, cost statement shall be automatically generated from frontline sale information.

6) Inquiry and report management

Report on member scoring, payment, account tracking and consumption Report on inventory purchase, in-warehouse, department getting, department loss and profit and loss Report on frontline menu sale, dish return, marketing, waitress commission, discount, sales turnover list, sale cash account, etc. Report on frontline cash registration

7)Decision analysis

Daily business information analysis, sales account analysis, period sale information analysis, gross profit statistics, etc.

8)System Management

Operation rights setup, database backup, system parameters setup, etc. Raw Material Distribution Management Head Office shall uniformly code raw material and set purchase attributes (distributed by Head Office or self-purchased by Branch Office). Raw material code shall be given out to the Branch Office. Any raw material that is prescribed to be distributed by Head Office shall be uniformly purchased by the Head Office ( Distribution Center ) and distributed to each Branch Office. The inventories of Branch Office and Distribution Center shall be submitted to the Head Office after every business day for collection and inquiry. Head Office Management System The business data submitted by each Branch Office shall be made into corresponding report forms, including cash registration information, menu sale information, gross profit report, member business information, purchase information, supplier settlement information, inventory information and so on.

Key Functions and Features

Front-office Managment

-- Accept item entry by barcode (multiple barcodes for single item allowed)

--Item search, price and inventory inquiry

-- Accept multiple payment types, cash, coupon, credit card, Octopus, multiple currencies

-- Percentage or fixed amount discount for single item or entire invoices

-- Supporting peripherals like barcode reader, printer

Back-office Management

-- user-friendly interface, Easy to operation

-- Product categorization to facilitate management and analysis by brand, category

-- Price adjustment at designated or all stores.

-- Staff management, access authority

-- Auto purchase request for low-stock item

-- Flexibly set different discount rates, conversion rate for different VIP groups on different products.

-- Powerful reporting and enquiring capabilities

Central office Management

-- Up-load sales data to back-end system by MODEM/lease line in DBF/text/binary file format.

-- down-load basic data from back end system.


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